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Jonny Gifford

I can’t wait to look at these files tonight. After digging through the House I was blown away by the attention to detail. It’s also been a master class in 3D printing getting this produced. I am really enjoying the process

Bill Tubbs

I'm happily printing out G-Scale versions of the Bates House, the Bates Motel and environs, and when those are done will start on the Claremont House. These are so well designed it's actually fun to just watch the print process sometimes when I want to relax.

Kurt Barlow

Although over all I'm VERY impressed having studied the exterior design extensively. You nailed details that NOBODY gets right.

Mark-Christi Haviland

I sent a personal message through Kickstarter but have to post here for the entire group to consider. The instructions for the Bates House and Hotel are the finest I've ever seen in the wargaming miniatures/3D printing/modeling hobby. They are OUTSTANDING! Well done and thank you for investing the time in your customers! Very much appreciated.

Ryan Abraham

That's a really awesome looking classic Victorian mansion! I just love it.

Ralph Richard

Mr Victor, you have once again made another wonderful masterpiece model

Ray Gluck

Just got started printing the Bates Hotel. I was sure I'd need supports. Especially the window frames and other clearly unsupported areas. Wow. Printed beautifully...the designer needs to teach a master class to some these other folks designing stl files. Great work.

No packaging or fuel consumption because no physical models are delivered.

Printed STLs can be recycled as they are made of recyclable filament.

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